Check Out These Books!

The Learning Commons is the shiny new gem of Rockhurst High Schools most recent renovation. It is filled with study areas, a pitch space, and the highest technology the school offers. Also included in this space, though, is the school’s selection of print books. These books may seem archaic in comparison to the quickly advancing Rockhurst landscape.

Rockhurst has seen much change in recent years in favor of technology. Four years ago, the school switched from standard hardback textbooks to iPads. Furthermore, Rockhurst updated it’s computer systems, added more TV’s, and developed active learning classrooms. This march of progress has seemed to skip over the library’s book collection, however.

Why do we have hardcover books still? Rockhurst librarian Mrs. Amy Gansner said that “it is important to keep a relevant and current print collection in our learning commons because we take into consideration that many students still prefer reading a print copy of a book over an electronic copy.”

Although the Rockhurst library maintains a printed book collection, it has also adapted to the wave of new technology in recent years. As students have begun to use more and more electronic texts, the library shifts it’s resources online. “The main way we have incorporated ebooks into our collection is through our EBSCO ebook database… [which] includes over 100,000 ebooks that are available to our students,” said Gansner.

As we move towards the future, the library looks to continue to be a focal point of the schools learning.

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