Students React to the Daily Examen

This year, Rockhurst made the Examen part of the daily schedule. In past years they have only done it on Fridays and during Lent. The Examen aims to have students evaluate their day in relation to God.

In some classes, teachers do not stop teaching for the Examen. They continue their lessons or just stop but allow students to continue what they are doing.

Not all teachers skip the examen, many stop class and quiet their students for prayer. They hope to get their students to spend even a few minutes out of their day reflecting and strengthening their relationship with God.

Senior Pablo Guzmán does not pray the Examen.

“When I look around the room I see people peeking at their phones, putting things in their backpacks, or just taking a short nap,” Guzmán said.

Sophomore Valentine Bassham also does not pray the Examen. He said, “I’ve noticed students tend to pack up, sleep, or listen to music. I have also noticed that teachers tend to continue to teach while the Examen is going on.”

Students lack of attention is not necessarily due to not caring about the examen, however. Instead, it could be because students have a hard time relating to the examen. Topics have varied for each day’s prayer, and when one does not connect with a student how are they going to pray it?

Even still, some students pray the Examen everyday and have no issue connecting with it. It varies from student to student. In this case, it turns into a time for students to sit around and do nothing.

If the point is to strengthen students religious lives, then it is not working for all students. The Examen needs to be re-examined in order to make it relatable for all students. For it to work, students have to care about what they are reflecting on.

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