Ode to the Centennial Commons

The summer of 2016 marked many important changes to Rockhurst. Arguably the most important change that comes to mind is the addition of the third floor Centennial Commons. As students swarmed into school the first day of the 2016-2017 school year, many rushed up to the third floor to see the new additions. These additions of classrooms and extra seating that once was the library and computer labs left students in awe and amazement. However, one addition stood out among them all, the Centennial Commons. The Centennial Commons featured wall to wall whiteboards, markers and bar-style seating to work on class work. Quickly the commons were filled with new and old students alike trying to make something of this new space. “Could this be a new spot to hangout and do work after lunch?” Some asked. While others viewed the new space as a place to be creative and show off their memes and artwork.

Yet, something was not right. Slowly but surely the math department took a liking to this new space. As weeks passed hoards of math teachers crept by, almost as if they were stalking new prey. Whoever designed this new commons should have thought not to put it so close to the designated math classrooms. Nevertheless, as more time passed students began to forget about the math teachers close eyes on the commons. New memes and old memes alike painted the white boards daily. Sometime around third quarter these memes began to be erased with the words “homework use only” sprawled across the board foreshadowing what was to come.

Foolishly, students neglected these warning signs from the math gods above and continued their memes.


This date in Rockhurst history marks the first declaration of “The math hub” in an email from Mr. Joe Leroy, designating second and seventh hour in the commons as “for math help only.” Many might have thought second and seventh hour was not a terrible trade off for such an exquisite space. “Others”; however, saw this coming long before and attempted to warn the general population. “This is only the beginning!” Those brave few shouted as they were told to leave the math designated space. Unfortunately, the general population failed to heed the warning of the few that knew of what was to come. Yet, the war raged on for those that did not want to submit to the math department’s will. Memes continued to be erased and innocent students playing Ipad games were exiled from their native lands.

Finally, as the year came to a close and a new one began. The last metaphorical shot was fired by the math department. Word came that the “Centennial Commons” was no more and the math department made its final move, but this time it was a permanent one. No longer would memes be sprawled across the holy walls of the Centennial Commons, but the quadratic equation and the unit circle took their place.

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