Learn More About the Barry Commons

Pictured above is the Barry Commons, one of the most popular spots around Rockhurst. The Barry is a spot for students to work on homework and study for quizzes and tests. While the Barry Commons can often be loud and crowded, the several tables positioned around the Barry supply a great spot for students toContinue reading “Learn More About the Barry Commons”

Assassins: The Game of Survival

Written by Kirk Whalen and Evan Isom The game of assassins is in full swing and has taken Rockhurst by storm. The first round has already commenced with a great deal of water gun fuelled assassinations. “56 players have been assassinated since the beginning of the game, but even more were disqualified for not gettingContinue reading “Assassins: The Game of Survival”

Looking into the Rockhurst Mission

At one point in your 2018 Rockhurst career, you’ve probably entered the new learning commons (at least, I hope you have). On the last remaining wall of the Pesci Atrium, there is printed the Rockhurst High School Mission Statement. Almost every student walks past these words every day on our way to class. However, howContinue reading “Looking into the Rockhurst Mission”

Did You Know? Learn More About St.Ignatius

  It is no big secret that St. Ignatius is a prevalent part of the Jesuit culture we are trying to embody at Rockhurst. We know him as the sinner turned saint, who founded the Society of Jesus and lived about 500 years ago. Many of us learned about his life in Freshman theology, but ifContinue reading “Did You Know? Learn More About St.Ignatius”

Learn about the Football Helmet Tradition

Looking back on my four years at Rockhurst, one of the most recognized and longest running traditions in sports is the blue hawklet stickers on plain white football helmets. Although it’s unknown as to when the tradition actually started, it’s one of Rockhurst‘ most creative. It allows players to style their helmets any way theyContinue reading “Learn about the Football Helmet Tradition”

The Creation of the Learning Commons benefits Rockhurst

The creation of the Learning Commons in the summer of 2017 was an active attempt by Rockhurst High School to move towards a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) based curriculum, as well as to provide an area in which students can take the greatest advantage of their outside of classroom learning. The LearningContinue reading “The Creation of the Learning Commons benefits Rockhurst”