Rockhurst beats LSW, moves on to State Quarterfinals

The Hawklets continue to roll in the State Basketball tournament after the win against Lee’s Summit West on Wednesday evening, 64-59. Senior Xavier Rhodes led the charge with 27 points, and a strong Rockhurst defense held off a Titan rally in the final minutes to punch their ticket to the next round. The Hawklets haveContinue reading “Rockhurst beats LSW, moves on to State Quarterfinals”

A Tribute to Kansas City Jazz: From Basie to Bebop featuring Bobby Watson.

Kansas City is known for many things. It is called “the city of fountains” and people travel from near and far to try our barbeque. One of the most prominent features of Kansas City is our rich history in jazz. Showcasing this at the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts was Bobby Watson in his program,Continue reading “A Tribute to Kansas City Jazz: From Basie to Bebop featuring Bobby Watson.”

NBA favorites: Which Teams do Rockhurst students like the most?

    Kansas City is home to many Chiefs, Royals, and Sporting KC fans. But, Kansas City is not the home to an NBA team. Because of this many people from the Kansas City area cheer for a variety of NBA teams. But, what NBA teams are the most popular among Rockhurst students. According to a GoogleContinue reading “NBA favorites: Which Teams do Rockhurst students like the most?”

Make Way for Democracy

       Throughout the month of February, also called Black History Month, many exhibits, fairs, and events came to Kansas City in order to share and show a glimpse of African American culture. Throughout the city, there were certain speakers, art events, and cultural curtains that showcased what being black meant to them and tried to highlightContinue reading “Make Way for Democracy”

The Man about Town: March for Life

Although Kansas City serves as a rich, diverse haven for publicly accessible  and interesting events, it is not the only city that does so. Among other cities that are hosts for such events, there is Washington D.C., home to a massive, free event that was open to the public: the annual March for Life.  ThereContinue reading “The Man about Town: March for Life”

Chiefs trade Cornerback Marcus Peters: Was it Worth it?

On February 23rd, all-pro cornerback Marcus Peters was traded from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Los Angeles Rams. The Chiefs decided it was time to move on from their 25-year-old lockdown corner from The University of Washington. This trade was considered by some, to be the most unpopular trade in Chiefs history. Furthermore, thisContinue reading “Chiefs trade Cornerback Marcus Peters: Was it Worth it?”

Which SoundCloud Rapper are You?

Co-Written by Kirk Whalen and Sam Caprio Since SoundCloud’s creation in 2007, it has produced many independent hip-hop artists. These artists have a distinct and unique look and sound. A survey was sent out to Rockhurst underclassmen in order to find out which SoundCloud rapper they are most similar to. These are the results: IfContinue reading “Which SoundCloud Rapper are You?”

Do We Still Need Lockers?

Just like any other high schools, Rockhurst has lockers for students to access. These lockers were meant to hold student’s materials securely instead of having them carry big backpacks. With the advancement of technology, it has been easier to carry out books and our notes because we have our Ipads where we can download theContinue reading “Do We Still Need Lockers?”