Chinese 4 class makes lanterns

Rockhurst contains many different cultures intertwined within the walls our community. Ranging from more well-known cultures like Spanish or French, all the way to classes like Greek, Rockhurst tries to capitalize on as many opportunities to experience the different cultures of the world.

Chinese New Year is one of those experiences that the Chinese 4 class is trying to bring to light. Their efforts included putting Chinese idioms and poems onto lanterns that are traditionally launched during the new year.

“ One of the idioms that I wrote on my lantern was something about ‘new day, new strength’,” said Grant Lander, senior.

The Chinese 4 class wanted to spread some awareness about what they were doing as well as raise some awareness of the Chinese culture.IMG_9671.JPG

“Culture is a key part of learning and being able to explore the Chinese culture is something really important to us,” said Jerald Gutierrez, senior.

The hope for these lanterns was not just to bring about a more diverse environment, but also to bring about a more hands-on experience within the walls of the Chinese classes.

“The idea behind the making of these poem-ridden lanterns was to highlight the culture and to bring about another hands-on experience, like the orange chicken contest,  to teach people about the Chinese culture,” Ms. Jackie Shao, Chinese teacher.

The lanterns are on display in the learning commons and will be available for all to see.

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