MLB Free Agents: Will Mike Moustakas Find a Home?

    Kansas City Royals fans know Scott Boras all too well, he represents Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer. But beyond that, Boras is simply just a super agent. Looking back on the most massive deals in the history of baseball, you could find Scott Boras represented most of those players. In 2000 Boras’ possibly most high profile client Alex Rodriguez inked a 10 year, $252,000,000 contract. After that splash it was no longer a question of who the most desirable agent in baseball was.

    In 2015 Boras swindled the Washington Nationals into giving star pitcher Max Scherzer a 7 year, $210 million deal. Boras represents countless players, but right now he is partnered with 15 current free agents, which is strange because it is now March. Spring Training is in full swing, 40 man rosters are reporting to camp, and games have even begun.

     Jake Arrieta and Mike Moustakas are probably the top available free agents right now, and they are both Boras clients. It is unclear why they remain unsigned, typically all of the premiere players are inked in December and January at the latest. There are reports that the players are not content with the offers that they are generating, and one has to think that Boras has something to do with that.

     There could be a major issue going on behind the scenes, and Boras may be the man behind it. There are currently Spring Training sessions being held in Florida organized by the free agents, and is unclear as to when they plan on signing, or whether or not Boras and the players or the owners will cave first.

     Since Mike Moustakas is the example most relevant free agent to Kansas City we’ll take a look at him. Moustakas clubbed 38 homeruns last season, a Royals record. He’s an all star caliber player who slugs homeruns and plays above average defense at only 29 years old.  

     Last season a player of that caliber would have commanded a 4-5 year contract worth 80-100 million dollars, but now Moustakas is struggling to find a home before opening day. It appears that Boras and his clients will have to settle for less money if they want to play, with many of the major players in free agency already fulfilling their wishlist.

    This year was probably the worst time in the last 8-10 years to be a free agent, and even some of the bigger names are having a hard time cashing in. We’ll see if the likes of Arrieta and Moustakas among other free agents can find a home before opening day, and see what their checks will look like.

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