NBA favorites: Which Teams do Rockhurst students like the most?

    Kansas City is home to many Chiefs, Royals, and Sporting KC fans. But, Kansas City is not the home to an NBA team. Because of this many people from the Kansas City area cheer for a variety of NBA teams. But, what NBA teams are the most popular among Rockhurst students. According to a Google survey, the three most popular NBA teams at Rockhurst are the Oklahoma City Thunder, The Boston Celtics, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Senior Tommy Mitchell explains why he is a Thunder fan. “Well since Kansas City does not have a team the closest NBA team is in Oklahoma City, which is the Thunder,” said Mitchell. Mitchell goes on to talk about why he likes the Thunder. I really like Russell Westbrook and the fact that Oklahoma City is a smaller Midwest town and it can still beat the big time coastal teams. I like the NBA because it’s a very personal sport. You can actually see the players’ faces and athletes are a lot more vocal.” Mitchell goes on to talk about the Thunder’s championship chances this year. “I think the Thunder have a shot this year. I mean they have beaten the Golden State Warriors multiple times and I think just as long as they can find their consistency and rhythm in the playoffs I think they have a very good shot.”

    Senior Conrad Mojica is a die-hard Miami Heat fan and explained how he began following the heat. I really got into basketball with the Jayhawks’ 2008 NCAA run. After Mario Chalmers made “the shot” I followed him when he was drafted to the Miami Heat. I watched whatever Heat game I could, and their star player, Dwyane Wade, became my favorite athlete. Since then, I’ve stuck with Dwyane Wade and loved seeing him go back to South Beach last month. Mojica goes on to describe the basketball atmosphere in Kansas City. “Kansas City is one of the best environments for sports in the country. Many of us want to embrace the NBA, but the NBA has not focused on our city. The closest teams that we have are the Thunder and the Bulls, which feel too far removed from Kansas City’s culture to feel any allegiance towards them. Kansas City is a great basketball town which is evident when looking at the KU fan base,” said Mojica.

    The NBA has yet to bring an NBA team to Kansas City since the Kansas City King’s of the 70s were moved to Sacramento. Though Kansas City does not have an NBA team, that does not stop Kansas Citians, especially Rockhurst students, to fall in love with professional basketball.


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