Fortnite vs. PUBG: Which Do You Prefer?

The video game market has recently become oversaturated following the rise of “Battle Royale” games. A “Battle Royale” video game is one that refers to a Hunger-Games like experience in which a certain number of players are put into the same area and the last man standing wins. Currently, two games have gained the top spot in this genre: Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Both of these games have reached record concurrent player counts at one point in their lives and are consuming the lives of many, especially teenagers. A variety of social media and entertainment websites have exploded with posts and videos about the two games, so it is difficult to find an internet user who hasn’t played or at least heard of one of these games. Naturally, for two games with such a similar premise, there is a strong sense of rivalry between the two player bases. Both can argue for hours on why one game is better than the other. The question of which is truly better, however, comes down to personal preference. So, which do Rockhurst students prefer: Fortnite or PUBG?

The first important difference between the two games is the price tag. To play some PUBG, you’re going to have to put yourself at $30 in the hole. Fortnite, on the other hand, is absolutely free. This fact is an automatic deal breaker for most people. Why spend $30 when I could pretty much the same thing for free?

“I play Fortnite because it’s free.” Says junior William Muehlebach.

Fortnite is better because it is free. This means that you and your friends can play together without all having to spend money.” Says another junior Ace Tarwater, who also agrees that Fortnite is the superior game.

Both games are available on both console and PC. In general, and especially at Rockhurst, most students who play video games played on a console. Whether it be Xbox or PS4, a console ensures that the newest triple-A games can be played smoothly with good graphics for the cheapest price. PC, on the other hand, is going to cost you a good amount more than a console. This is due to the enhanced graphics and gameplay performance that buying more expensive parts can provide. However, the differences between consoles and the best PC’s performance is nothing to brag about. For this reason, many agree that Fortnite is a superior option over PUBG. While there does exist a console version of PUBG, most do not even consider it due to how bad the game performs.

“Why would I spend an extra $500 on a good PC build when most of my friends have Xboxes and we can play the same games together?” Tarwater further says.

While both games are very similar in terms of end goals, the gameplay is surprisingly different. First, Fortnite can only be played from a third-person point of view, while PUBG offers both first and third person game modes. This is important because some people prefer one perspective over the other.

“I play PUBG for a lot of reasons, but the main one is probably because I think having a Battlegrounds game be in the third person is not only more fun but more intense.” Says junior Gary Zancanelli.

Another gameplay difference between the two games is the player’s impact on the environment. In PUBG, the player does not have opportunities to significantly mold the environment at will. The most a player can do is break doors, windows, and drive vehicles. In Fortnite, however, the player has many options. The player can build walls and bases, destroy buildings, and mold the environment as he pleases. This addition to the game adds much variety in gameplay over its counterparts and offers a unique battle royale experience. Fortnite is more dynamic and more fast-paced. Also, the building mechanic is unique and sets it apart from other typical boring battle royale games. Like PUBG.” Tarwater says.

PUBG is better because it is more realistic. This makes it more competitive, as it rewards skill. It makes me think more, as positioning actually matters.” Junior Carson Meyer says.

Finally, the frequency of updates plays a large role in both games. Since both games involve the same premise over and over again, players will undoubtedly become slightly bored of the same thing over and over again. PUBG offers much variety in this sense. Not only does it have two maps, which is an automatic plus over Fortnite, but it has more weapon variety (including many different attachments that can be found to add variety), vehicles, and in-game voice chat (to the entire server, not just your squadmates). PUBG developers have also recently released a statement saying that a new map is already in progress. This amount of content can be contributed to the fact that PUBG has been released for a longer time than Fortnite. However, content-wise, Fortnite is catching up. Almost every week in 2018, Fortnite has received a gameplay update, adding either new guns, buildings, items, or cosmetics. This constant flow of new content has not only kept the game interesting but also is approaching PUBG in overall content. While PUBG also receives frequent updates, these mostly include bug fixes and patches rather than any new content for the player to mess around with.

So, back to the question, which is better: Fortnite or PUBG? The majority of Rockhurst students play either Fortnite or PUBG. Overall, however, Fortnite has had a clear edge. This is mostly due to the price tag, easy console accessibility, and frequent gameplay updates. While Fortnite is the more popular game amongst students at Rockhurst, it does not necessarily make it superior. Both games offer unique battle royale experiences, and the answer to which is better comes down to personal preference.

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