An Interview with T.A.P.S.

I recently sat down with an officer of the T.A.P.S private enforcement agency to talk about security here at a Rockhurst.

“Our main job here at Rockhurst is to make sure that all the doors and entry points on the grounds are secure.”

“We are also responsible for making sure the cars in the lot are okay and no one’s going around stealing anything,” said a representative from T.A.P.S. So you might be asking yourself, what has to be done for these officers to be official T.A.P.S agents.

“Well you have to pass a physical agility test, first of all, and then there’s a written portion.” Said T.A.P.S. “The final step is taking part in the psychiatric examination and then you will finalize the process of becoming an agent,” T.A.P.S told me.

Besides protecting us here at Rockhurst however the agents do much more. The organization is involved in bar security, funeral processions, and even private security.

“Yeah we are almost everywhere around KC, anywhere from Blue Springs to Gardner” said T.A.P.S. Point in case, the organization does a lot more work than we see on the surface. This isn’t a Rockhurst exclusive organization. Next time you see our T.A.P.S agent make sure to thank them for making sure not only the school is safe but also your car.

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