Do We Still Need Lockers?

Just like any other high schools, Rockhurst has lockers for students to access. These lockers were meant to hold student’s materials securely instead of having them carry big backpacks. With the advancement of technology, it has been easier to carry out books and our notes because we have our Ipads where we can download the books we need for school and keep them secure at arms reach at all times.

So why do we still need lockers? Nowadays people use their lockers to hold their sports bags, other school materials which are too big to carry around or coats during cold weather. Krishon Harris a student in the Class of 2018 said, “I use my lockers because I have big coats and camera equipment and I don’t want to have to carry it all around or get caught by coach Mo.”

Before the Rockhurst’s approval to use iPads, students were assigned lockers with all the books they had. “I mean freshman year they were useful and the rest of the years…not really. Technology has made it easier to carry around school stuff unless you bought a coat or something,” Mike Adalco, Class of 2018 said. But technology can only be useful to a certain extent, especially for student-athletes. “When I had swimming I needed to keep my swim bag and coats in the lockers,” he added.

Last year, Rockhurst had more lockers, but with the newly built learning commons; the school has lessened the number of lockers since the space used to be a hall filled with lockers. It was as if Rockhurst knew that the students who needed lockers decreased by a big amount. Jean Pryor, Assistant to the Dean of Students said, “Juniors and seniors live out of their car so we give them the option to have a locker or not. They usually only ask for a locker when they need a place for their sports bags and coats but they usually carry them.”

Lockers to still have a place here at Rockhurst. With all the student-athletes it is necessary to have access to amenities like this. But with the advancement of technology and having access to the school’s locker rooms, will it still be useful in the future?

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