Chiefs trade Cornerback Marcus Peters: Was it Worth it?

On February 23rd, all-pro cornerback Marcus Peters was traded from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Los Angeles Rams. The Chiefs decided it was time to move on from their 25-year-old lockdown corner from The University of Washington.

This trade was considered by some, to be the most unpopular trade in Chiefs history. Furthermore, this trade involved one of the more unpopular players on the Chiefs amongst part of the fan base.

Although this may be true, there are two sides to every story. Marcus Peters had issues, on and off the field. He threw flags into the crowd, ran off the field, and is known for having attitude problems. When Peters spoke for the first time on the trade, he was not thrilled with the previous trade of Alex Smith. “Alex doesn’t get enough respect, and they need to start putting some respect for that man’s name. I’ve done seen him get thrown under the bus too many times and he took it as a man and he never complained about it. He doesn’t turn over the ball. And he knows how to win. That was our fault [the defense] for messing up the playoffs on him. That was our fault.”

      On the flip side, Marcus Peters has reportedly done healthy things for the community as well. Peters has contributed to the youth in this city, by randomly showing up to a Friday night football game, and stand on the sidelines, supporting the kids he doesn’t even know. “I’m expecting turnovers and I’m expecting a win. … He knows how to get me the ball. He knows how to get me the ball.”

To me, this seems pretty cancerous, saying that about his rookie quarterback and the future of what was his current team. I already have my opinion on Marcus Peters, but I feel as the writer I should not share, and that some of my classmate’s opinions would be more valuable and original.

I caught up with senior member Sam Tatum to discuss the trade.

What are your thoughts on the Marcus Peters trade? I support it. I think he’s a baller but I support it because I believe the Chiefs are making a move that is best for the future of the franchise.

Do you believe it was the best move for the future of the Chiefs? Why or why not? Whatever Andy Reid does I support it. It was sad to see go but I support the team looking out for the future.

In return, the Chiefs got a 2018 4th round draft pick, and a 2019 second round draft pick. Many say the Chiefs didn’t get enough in return, thoughts? He’s so much better than that and we should have gotten more. But we do know he’s going into the last year of his contract.

We know Marcus Peters was a fantastic cornerback and made many winning plays here. On the flip side of those great plays, Peters has done questionable actions as well. For example, there have been multiple times when it appeared Peters chose to let up on making a tackle. When asked about it, Peters said it was a “business decision.”

Marcus Peters getting traded was something that many said would never happen, but eventually did happen, and when someone as good as Peters gets traded who what will happen next.

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