The History of Art: An Exhibit at Kemper Arena

For Black History Month  I went to see “The History of Art, a series of 110 paintings that lines the walls of Cafe Sebastienne at the Kemper Museum. The exhibit features paintings from the Kemper Museum’s permanent collection. This collection was created by Frederick James Brown. Brown was best known for his portraits of jazz performers, fellow artists, and other creative individuals. These portraits stretch across the walls of the main cafe, from top to bottom. When sitting in the cafe it feels almost like you are sitting inside of the paintings. The paintings stretch a wide variety from abstract to almost pictures of the person being painted. While most of the paintings are portraits some are also landscape shots and abstract art. The only part of the exhibit I did not like was how it was set up. In order to come in and walk around to see the art, you had to sit in the cafe because their tables set up throughout the cafe or exhibit. While I always have a hard time understanding art this was a very interesting exhibit that helped me further my knowledge of Black History Month and African American Painters. I would recommend any student go to “The History of Art” because it is open year-round and provides a great variety of paintings and portraits.IMG_9777.JPGIMG_7630.JPGIMG_4084.JPG

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