HQ: The Newest Trivia Trend

Co-Written by Sam Curran and Matt Kuckelman

Sitting in the kitchen, I feel a buzz in my pocket—it is my phone. I look on the screen and see that I have received a notification. The words: HQ is Live have appeared, I unlock my phone and enter the game.

HQ (also HQ Trivia) is an app and trivia game, released in August 2017. HQ was developed by Vine creators Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll. Its primary host is Scott Rogowsky, who broadcasts from New York City, New York. Additional hosts include Sharon Carpenter, Sarah Pribis, Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, and Casey Jost.

Once I am inside the game, I impatiently wait for HQ to start. It generally take about five minutes to start and then the host comes on.

Once the host comes on there tends to be around 1 million people. Some of those millions of people just so happen to people members of the Rockhurst community.

The Prep News sent out a survey to both faculty and students and out of the 96 people who responded 88.7 percent stated that they played HQ trivia.

Something that makes HQ unique is the fact that they give out money to the winners of the game. Winning HQ means getting all 12 questions correct or 15 questions correct if it Sunday.

The app takes a form of a live game show, which airs at 9 pm Eastern Time daily, with an extra show at 3 pm Eastern on weekdays.

The host asks a series of (usually) twelve increasingly difficult multiple choice questions, each with three possible answers. So far, the highest number of questions asked has been 15 (normally on Sundays). Players who get a question correct within the 10-second limit move on; the rest are eliminated. Any question that eliminates a greater number of players than get the question correct is deemed a “savage question” (though some hosts do not do this). Players that correctly answer all questions split the prize money. The prize is currently US$2,500 for games on Monday through Saturday, while Sundays, holidays, and special events normally have a prize of $25,000. The creators have stated that they plan to someday increase prizes to $1,000,000.

The results on the Prep News survey concluded that three players: Jack Humphrey, Lucas Gale, and Topher Nelson have correctly answered all 12 questions correctly.

Mr. Greg Buckman is a member of the history department at Rockhurst High School and is an avid player of HQ.

I have made it to question 12 and had no idea what the last answer was,” said Buckman.

Additionally to the survey, the Prep News also sent out its own rendition of HQ with 12 questions specific to Rockhurst High School.

The winner of the Rockhurst HQ was Matt Haake, a sophomore, who answered all questions correctly and will receive a five dollar gift card to Chick-Fil-A. Congratulations Matt!

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