Quindaro Ruins: A place to remember

Quindaro Ruins are located on 27th street and Sewell in North Kansas City. The town of Quindaro is a historical town for slaves escaping oppression from the South. The Quindaro Community was a main part of the Underground Railroad. Escaped slaves would take boats across the Missouri River through the night and take shelter in the Quindaro community.

      The town overlooks the Missouri River and is a historical site today. Visitors can see the ruins or cornerstones of the old buildings that these runaway slaves lived in. There is also a standing house that has been repurposed to a museum in order to help share information about the people that would have lived there.

    Another part of Quindaro Ruins is Western University. Western was opened in the mid-1800’s as a school for freedmen. The university buildings are still standing and are a symbol of accomplishment for those who opened it. The college was one of the first freedman colleges west of the Mississippi when it opened.

    Quindaro Park is a place to see the accomplishments of these people who fought against slavery. There is a statue there of John Brown who was a major part of the abolitionist movement in Kansas.

The Ruins are open year round and make a great day trip with friends or family.

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