Chinese 4 class makes lanterns

Rockhurst contains many different cultures intertwined within the walls our community. Ranging from more well-known cultures like Spanish or French, all the way to classes like Greek, Rockhurst tries to capitalize on as many opportunities to experience the different cultures of the world. Chinese New Year is one of those experiences that the Chinese 4Continue reading “Chinese 4 class makes lanterns”

Theatre Department puts on Bonnie and Clyde

To kick off the 4th quarter, Rockhurst Theatre Department put on Bonnie and Clyde for this school year’s musical. The musical follows the true story of Bonnie and Clyde from their youth through their crime spree. The show opened Thursday, March 22 and the final performance was Saturday, March 24. The show followed Bonnie ParkerContinue reading “Theatre Department puts on Bonnie and Clyde”

MLB Free Agents: Will Mike Moustakas Find a Home?

    Kansas City Royals fans know Scott Boras all too well, he represents Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer. But beyond that, Boras is simply just a super agent. Looking back on the most massive deals in the history of baseball, you could find Scott Boras represented most of those players. In 2000 Boras’ possibly most highContinue reading “MLB Free Agents: Will Mike Moustakas Find a Home?”

March Madness: Three weeks of Basketball

The month of March is good for only 3 things. Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day, and March Madness. Though Spring Break is fun and a time to remember especially if you’re vacationing somewhere exotic, it only lasts a week. And yes, St. Patrick’s Day is usually the only time where you can ride on bigContinue reading “March Madness: Three weeks of Basketball”

Rockhursts Favorite Lunches by the Numbers

Here at Rockhurst, we are blessed to have some of the top shelf food provided to us by Flik. Flik works very hard every single day to provide food for over 1000, kids every day of the school week. Many people believe that Flik is not a great system for food distribution at a highContinue reading “Rockhursts Favorite Lunches by the Numbers”

Fortnite vs. PUBG: Which Do You Prefer?

The video game market has recently become oversaturated following the rise of “Battle Royale” games. A “Battle Royale” video game is one that refers to a Hunger-Games like experience in which a certain number of players are put into the same area and the last man standing wins. Currently, two games have gained the topContinue reading “Fortnite vs. PUBG: Which Do You Prefer?”