Seniors make Decision to Play College Sports

May 1st, National Decision Day, is quickly approaching which means some student-athletes of Rockhurst High School are making their college commitments. The Prep News sat down with a few athletes who have committed to learning more about their college commitments and the colleges they chose.                         

“The atmosphere around college signing here at Rockhurst is pretty important, if sports are involved in your life. As signing day approaches many will pay attention but some of it doesn’t involve them they will pay little to no attention to the Decision day.” said senior linebacker and fullback Ty Simsheuser.

Each student considered various factors in their college decision. Senior rugby player, Michael Lillis made his commitment to Regis University over colleges like K State, TCU, Arizona State, and Arizona due to the academics, team commitment, and the environment. While senior Ty Simsheuser made his commitment to Benedictine because “It felt like a bigger Rockhurst. Also, the fact that I could continue my football career and keep my faith life was super important to me.”

The approaching signing day has many students optimistic “I’m sure we will have a lot of interesting commitments in the next few weeks” said Benedictine Lacrosse commit Brady Guck.  

Harry O’Neill- Benedictine

Ty SimsHeuser- Benedictine

Joe Glaser- Benedictine

Kyle Ruark- University of Chicago

Peyton Brown- University of Colorado Boulder

Roman Knox- University of North Carolina

Jacob Sykes- Harvard

Christian Franklin- Arkansas University

Joseph Costanzo- Undecided (baseball)

Chandler Owens- Undecided (Rugby)

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