Picasso Exhibit Review

 A review of the Picasso Exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Art Gallery

Time of actual tour: Anywhere from 45 mins to an hour  ⭐⭐⭐⭐★

  • This exhibit is a free roaming tour, so how you speed through it is completely up to you. If you are having fun, then feel free to read every description of a paintings and go look at the rest of the museum. If you want to look at details and meanings of the paintings then take your time, you can. If art isn’t really your thing then go through the exhibit at your own pace. The exhibit offers many things such as sculptures, paintings and paper formations so there are many things to feast your eyes upon and room to look at many things.


Cost: $18 a ticket*. ⭐★★★★

  • I would be all for this if the exhibit was amazing. In my opinion, it wasn’t that great of an exhibit. It felt like any other section at the museum. As I was walking through the exhibit I found myself thinking that it was a bit lackluster and even dull compared to other featured artist exhibits I have been through. Compared to the Pompeii exhibit hosted last year, the design or layout wasn’t outstanding. Pompeii had dramatic lighting, videos, and even an interactive experience. The Picasso exhibit just has paintings, sculptures and a timeline about picasso’s life plastered on the wall. While the paintings were cool, I just found them all looking the same after about 20 minutes. I observed other people as they walked through the exhibit (many from the UMKC art school) and they seemed to be like me, wandering around just grazing over the artworks. Nothing was done different about this exhibit, and to be honest I was quite bored. There wasn’t a time where I even wanted to take a picture of works. I would rather say spend your money on something else.If you took someone else then for same price go do movie and a dinner, or buy a pair of Vans. Or 36 bags of mini-twix. Your choice.
  • *Admission to Dreams of Kings is included in this price


Ambiance: ⭐⭐⭐★★

  • One reason I like art museums and exhibits like this one is that you can go through and wear anything. If you want to go dressed to the nines you can, or you can go in sweatpants. The whole ambiance is laid back with people joking and just trying to enjoy the art. There were many discussions about certain pieces and people had this certain “flow” where if you had a question or a comment, you could feel free to ask. I felt happy because I was surrounded by other happy people enjoying art. I saw families with children and fancy art snobs. This shows that it was a complete experience for all kinds of art enthusiasts. The exhibit showed for this too, by making the layout of the exhibit very open and brightly lit. This exhibit was calling for open discussions, and that it what it got.

Food: ★★★★★

  • There is no food. This is an art exhibit, silly.

Overall: ⭐⭐★★★

  • The cost ruined this for me in my opinion. The exhibit wasn’t absolutely outstanding and groundbreaking but it wasn’t horrible either. If this exhibit was 8 dollars, it would be a great idea, but for the price, just go to the rest of the museum for free. This exhibit did not have anything super worthwhile to show off. I did not learn that much, as the sections talking about Picasso were very vague. Many of the descriptions they wrote for Picasso just applied to many artists. As the paintings were not gripping me and I found myself bored the museum did not make for a completely surrounding experience. As the design was just open and barren. The museum wanted to make the painting dramatic and they really failed at doing that due to lighting and design. For $18, there are better things to do.

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