Cross-Lines Kansas City

     Declan Shea and I will be at Cross-Lines Kansas City as our senior service project location. Cross-Lines mission statement is to “provide people in the Kansas City area affected by poverty with services and opportunities that encourage self-confidence, meet the needs of today, and provide the tools for future self-sufficiency.” I strongly believe in this mission statement and the ideals of helping the poor with not only basic needs, but also to help them out of poverty. This objective takes a proactive approach towards helping those in need on all fronts.

     Cross-Lines, in 2014, provided, rent and utility assistance for 1,646 individuals at the amount of $166,671. They also provided hot showers for 2,468 people, free clothing for 717 households, and emergency medical assistance for 95 individuals totaling $18,483.32 through the Medicine Cabinet. In 2014 they also provided emergency food pantry assistance for 1,796 households (2,482 adults, 1,670 children and 596 seniors). They also package and buy additional groceries for 13,917 seniors through the Commodities program, 16,195 weekday breakfasts, 38,829 hot lunches, 6,909 sack lunches, Christmas Store shopping for 504 families. Lastly, they have provided Backpacks and school supplies for nearly 700 children in the past year. After reading this, it was clear to me that Cross- Lines has made a real impact in my community, and is an organization I truly want to be a part of.

    Cross-Lines Kansas City will give us the opportunity to not only connect with our community, but also to make a real impact.


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