Where are the seniors?

   Ah, it has finally come. Senior Service is finally here. That means along with all of the other seniors at Rockhurst, the seniors of the Prep News staff will be away for the first few weeks of January. You should have read my article in the Quarterly (and if you haven’t do we have beef?) that gave the underclassmen advice on what to do and how to act while the seniors are away. Nonetheless, the whole school will most likely be devastated by the senior’s absence, but even more hurt by the departure of the Prep News seniors.

    The Prep News staff understands that the Rockhurst student body and staff will be hurt by the Prep News seniors leaving. Because of this, the Prep News will be posting a series of stories detailing the Senior Service projects chosen by each member of Prep News staff so that Rockhurst will not have to go too long without the writing of the Prep News Seniors. The articles will come out while the seniors are away on their Service projects. These articles will describe what the certain senior will be doing, with the organization he picked, and why he chose it.

    Don’t be afraid, the seniors will come back soon and everything will go back to usual. Until then, good luck, God bless, and Rock State.

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