More than just a Nurse: Mrs. Lisa Weis

Mrs. Lisa Weis is the first person in Rockhurst’s 107-year history to hold the title of a school nurse.

Nurse Weis has been in the nursing field for 27 years, primarily working as a “med surg” nurse at St. Luke’s hospital. She did most of her work with postoperative surgical patients, which involved 12-hour shifts in a fast-paced and high-stress environment.   

After leaving St. Luke’s, she volunteered at Rockhurst for sample acquisition for Health and Wellness Testing. After spending four years as a volunteer, Rockhurst decided to hire her as the first official full-time nurse in school history.

As the first nurse, Mrs. Weis had the opportunity to create a space around her that best suits her needs. She usually arrives at school around 8:30, and she sees anywhere from five to twenty-five students throughout the day. Her time is mostly filled with students with ailments from bloody-noses to headaches to pulled muscles. She utilizes the school’s new Magnus system, which organizes medical information about all students, in order to find the best method of care.

Nurse Weis believes that a school nurse is necessary to bring a unique medical perspective to all health issues for students. She often finds herself setting students on a proper path to aid their well-being.

Next time you’re feeling ill, or have a pulled muscle, or just want some Tylenol, make sure to stop by Mrs. Weis.  

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