Carter’s Corner: Perspective of Prayer

I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to write down a list of everything in your life that upsets you. Write down every challenge for yourself and your life that you are facing right now. Now, how do you want to get rid of that list? It’s easy. Develop a different mindset forContinue reading “Carter’s Corner: Perspective of Prayer”

More than just a Nurse: Mrs. Lisa Weis

Mrs. Lisa Weis is the first person in Rockhurst’s 107-year history to hold the title of a school nurse. Nurse Weis has been in the nursing field for 27 years, primarily working as a “med surg” nurse at St. Luke’s hospital. She did most of her work with postoperative surgical patients, which involved 12-hour shiftsContinue reading “More than just a Nurse: Mrs. Lisa Weis”