Mock Trial team takes 5th in the World

On Thursday, November 16, the Rockhurst Mock Trial team traveled to the Mock Trial World Championship in New York and earned global recognition. Hosted by Empire, an organization that hosts worldwide Mock Trial competitions, schools from across the globe assembled in New York City to face off for the cup. The event lasted 5 days, Thursday through Monday.

On Thursday, the agenda was to arrive in New York, check in, and get settled into the hotel. On Friday, teams were given practice rooms and plenty of time for warming up, and the opening ceremony was held to welcome the teams and explain the agenda for the upcoming competition. Saturday and Sunday are the days the actual competition took place. Finally,on Monday, the closing ceremony was held, and the winners were announced. Teams returned home Monday night.

“I am very excited to go,” junior George Carey said before attending the event. “This is Rockhurst second year going to New York, but 

it’s my first.” Rockhurst High School brought a team to New York in November of 2016, which was the first time the school had ever attended. “Our team is also really strong this year,” Carey said. “We have a really good group of guys, and we’re looking to do really well.”

The Rockhurst High School Mock Trial Team placed 5th overall in the tournament with six wins. Senior Paul Odu was the most Outstanding Attorney, making him the best in the world. Sophomore Steven Burdge also earned an Outstanding Witness, which makes him one of best in the world. These awards are extremely impressive, and only a few

 students in the whole tournament earn them. The tournament was a worldwide invitational, so any school can’t just apply and be in. The top 36 from around the world schools are invited, so earning Outstanding recognition is an incredible accomplishment.

Because of the Mocklets, Rockhurst is recognized on a global scale. As a school, Rockhurst makes itself very known to the surrounding school in its area and in its state. It is not short in its count of state championships. However, now, schools around the world know about Rockhurst. This makes Rockhurst look extremely good and especially makes the Mocklets look good. If you see someone in the hall that attended the event, make sure to congratulate them for his accomplishment. Congratulations Mocklets!

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