Open House Recap

  Open House wrapped up a couple of weeks ago. Open House was a great success and students and parents around the Kansas City area came to see what Rockhurst has to offer.

    Director of Admissions said that he generally thought that open house was “very positive.” “The number of applications and new people signing up spiked last week after open house,” Mr. Reichmeier said.

    Even though the number of people attending was about the same as the previous year—257 people this year compared to 258 the year before—Mr. Reichmeier said that the attendees were “very engaged and interested in the new additions to Rockhurst, like the Hawklet Center and the Learning Commons.”

    Middle Schoolers came from a variety of different places and a variety of different grades. “The majority were eighth graders, but we also had seventh graders, and even some eighth graders,” Mr. Reichmeier said. “We always get great feedback on the tour guides,” Reichmeier said when asked about the best aspects of open house. “I think that student led tours really impress people. It’s the people that make Rockhurst. The tour guides are projecting what it is like to be here.” As for the bad aspects, Reichmeier kept it brief, saying, “I always worry that the tour guides can take too long.”

    With so many great things going on around Rockhurst, Open House was a great way of showing future students how wonderful it is to attend our school.

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