Coffee at Rockhurst

Walking through the halls of Rockhurst, one can always catch a glimpse of a coffee cup being carried by one of the students. It’s a craze, an epidemic that hits Rockhurst, only to disappear by midday. Therefore, the question arises: who leads this epidemic, and where does it start?

According to a recent survey, 62.7 percent of Rockhurst students out of a poll of 142 responses said that they drink coffee. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they drink it at Rockhurst; it simply means that they drink it in general. Out of the coffee drinkers from this survey, the most amount of surprisingly comes from the freshman class, with a small lead of 31.7 percent compared to the sophomore’s 30.7 percent. However, both juniors and seniors represent a minority of the coffee drinkers at Rockhurst, with both classes.

Where do students get their coffee? Understandably, most people get their coffee from a Starbucks. In second place is home, and coming in third is Rockhurst itself. Rockhurst coffee is not only free for teachers, but for all students, and is available all day in the Dining Commons. Other places represented in the survey include the Roasterie, Quik Trip, and Second Best.

Junior Ben Froome, who gets his coffee at home, said of Rockhurst coffee, “It is difficult to access the coffee at Rockhurst. The last time I tried to get coffee, for example, I was shoved away by a teacher. From then on, I just thought that the coffee was off limits to students.”

Junior Ross Wojcik said, “It doesn’t matter if it’s watered down, because it’s free. Who doesn’t like free coffee? It’s basically waiting there for me to get it.”

Coffee is the lifeblood of Rockhurst, and it helps prepare students for a rough and strenuous day of academics and sports. A majority of students drink it and Rockhurst itself offers it for students to enjoy. Both students and teachers can enjoy a nice cup of joe in the morning in order to take on the rest of the day.

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