Rockhurst adds new clubs to extensive list of extracurriculars

Rockhurst High School has just closed out its first quarter of the year, and some brand new clubs have been founded. Clubs have always been an important part of student life at Rockhurst. Students can join clubs like ultimate frisbee club or video game club to relax or have fun during Activity Periods, and can also join clubs that test their knowledge and open up new opportunities such as math club or human dignity club. With well over 50 clubs, students are never left empty-handed with options, as more are constantly coming. Here are the newest editions to the Rockhurst High School’s arsenal of clubs.

The Wiffle Ball Club has been the most recent club to be officially recognized and sponsored by Rockhurst. Founded by Junior Gary Zancanelli and moderated by Brandon Severino, the Wiffle ball club offers students a new sport to play during Activity Period. Games are played in the Loyola gym during Activity Periods. The turnouts to the first few meetings were too host just one game with everyone, so a new system has recently been devised to fix this problem, and also to add some depth to the club. Multiple teams of nine people have been created, and teams play on different days. Having teams in the club can also allow for events such as tournaments to take place, adding new depth and excitement to the already exciting club.
The Lego Club is another new addition to the collection of clubs at Rockhurst. The club’s name basically describes the entirety of the club: building with Legos. Rockhurst students can relax during activity period and meet in the Learning Commons, where bins of Legos wait for them. The possibilities with the Legos are endless; students can collaborate to make one large creation, or they can individually create something using the Legos provided by the school. The club was founded by Junior Ben DeBasio and is moderated by both Mrs. Ganser and Mr. Jones.

The Spoken Words club is another new club that hit the scenes this year. Spoken Word club was founded and is moderated by Mrs. Nicole Smith. Spoken Word refers to a vocal, non-singing performance that is strongly word based. “Slam Poetry” is one popular form of Spoken Word that combines drama and acting with articulating poetry. For the past two years, Rockhurst High School has had spoken word speakers come talk to students in the past. With the majority of students and teachers not knowing what spoken word was, many started to take interest in it. Thus, Spoken Word Club was born. The club has held a few meetings where members have learned what spoken word talkers do and even pick their own favorite ones. The club also plans to work with the Rock Collection to get some of its works published in it. If you are interested in drama or are enjoy English and want something new to try, the Spoken Word Club is for you.

The Lemon Club is the final new club that has been added this year so far. Founded by Junior Donovan Walsh, The Lemon Club is based on Alex’s Lemonade Stand —an American charity that benefits pediatric cancer research. The charity was founded by a little girl with cancer named Alex, and since then, it has grown into a massive business against childhood cancer and has raised millions of dollars for cancer research. Alex’s last wish was for her to make her lemonade stand to raise money for her cancer treatment. This club at Rockhurst will be all about raising money for cancer research. That doesn’t quite sound like the sour citrus fruit we all know and love.

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