Super Slimey

Super Slimey

Future and Young Thug’s newest collab album, “Super Simey” was released four days ago on streaming services. The project had mixed reactions in the hip-hop community, so the Prep News asked Rockhurst students about the album. A simple “It’s lit” describes Senior Liam Tierney’s approval of the album. As a long time Future listener, Tierney states the project does not show as much brilliance as Future’s latest solo album, “Hndrxx.” “The project is similar to Future’s self-titled album but lacks some of the charisma.” His favorite song on the album is “Cruise Ship” and Tierney gives the overall album an A on the basis of beats and flow.

With such great works previously, I expected Super Slimey to have a more distinguished and notable sound. The songs blended together with no real lyrical substance or noteworthy audio engineering. Both Future and Young Thug’s music has transformed into this high-octane artistic expression that is so versatile it can transcend music labels but this compilation of songs fell short.

“It wasn’t anything surprising- Future and Young Thug delivered what was expected of them.”  said Brandon Valdez. Valdez  gave the overall project a “B” grade. He reported his favorite song as “No Cap,” because it was the first song.

In a recent survey by the Prep News, 47 percent of those who responded said they would give the project a “B” grade. Also in this survey, 29 percent of students chose their favorite song as Patek water; is the only song on the project with a feature. The song features Offset and is currently 50 on the billboard hot 100 chart. The track features a classic Thug beat with strapping interjections from Thug, Future, and Offset.  

The album was a mediocre follow-up to the two albums Future dropped this year. It didn’t present a unique sound that we are used to with Young Thug and Future. I was looking forward to a blend of “Slime Season 3” and “What a Time To Be Alive” but instead got nothing of the sorts. The project had a good few songs like Patek Water, Cruise Ship, and No cap, but nothing to what it could’ve been.


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