Rockhurst introduces new English teacher, Mr. Mike Holmes

A new face resides in room 110 after a turbulent first quarter. Mr. Mike Holmes is Rockhurst newest teacher for Junior and Senior English classes, and he hopes to not only finish the year here but to stay as long as he can.

Holmes was born in 1952 in Kansas City and attended Rockhurst for his Freshman and Sophomore year. After being asked to leave because of poor behavior, he went on to graduate from Center High School and get degrees for both business and education.

This will be his third year of teaching English after 35 years in =investment banking. Banking was often strenuous on Holmes because his morals were sometimes led askew in the business world. Holmes always longed to be a teacher, but teaching didn’t pay. “Investment banking was to feed my family,” said Holmes, “but teaching was to feed my soul.”

After deciding to step away from business, Holmes turned his attention to teaching by getting a job at University Academy in Kansas City, Mo. After teaching there for two years, he took a job at Turner High School. Mr. Holmes started the year teaching over 130 kids at Turner when he got the opportunity to teach at Rockhurst. Although the decision was difficult, Holmes decided to leave Turner mid-semester to come teach at Rock High. He was drawn to the school by the experienced staff and the opportunity to develop the minds of high-achieving students.  

Holmes hopes to bring some stability to the English III and IV classes he inherited, but also a unique perspective. He looks to bring his life experiences into the classroom by helping students apply their knowledge to the real world. He intends on being “a resource to students, not a dictator.”

He also enjoys leading conversations within a class instead of lecturing constantly. Holmes believes that all Rockhurst students possess academic qualities that are above most all other high schools, and it is because of this that his classes can discuss the philosophy of a piece of literature instead of just teaching what it is.

The Rockhurst community welcomes Mr. Holmes with open arms and looks forward to his unique contributions to the English department.


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