Mock Trial team takes 5th in the World

On Thursday, November 16, the Rockhurst Mock Trial team traveled to the Mock Trial World Championship in New York and earned global recognition. Hosted by Empire, an organization that hosts worldwide Mock Trial competitions, schools from across the globe assembled in New York City to face off for the cup. The event lasted 5 days,Continue reading “Mock Trial team takes 5th in the World”

The Man about Town: “The Elephant and Donkey in the Room”

Howard Dean, former DNC chair, reclines in his seat, looking over at the other people in the room.  Nearby, company leader and independent politician Greg Orman glances about at Danny Diaz, Jeb Bush’s campaign manager, and independent politics advocate Jacqueline Salit.  Meanwhile, political science professor Beth Vonnahme prepares to respond to verbal moves from theContinue reading “The Man about Town: “The Elephant and Donkey in the Room””

No Shave November at Rockhurst

     Facial hair is something that many young men use to show their personality, their creativity, and their own style. No-Shave November is a tradition celebrated by facial hair enthusiasts around the country. The idea for No-Shave November is to grow out all your facial hair for the entire month. There is a dilemmaContinue reading “No Shave November at Rockhurst”

Open House Recap

  Open House wrapped up a couple of weeks ago. Open House was a great success and students and parents around the Kansas City area came to see what Rockhurst has to offer.     Director of Admissions said that he generally thought that open house was “very positive.” “The number of applications and new people signingContinue reading “Open House Recap”

Alumni Spotlight: John Bazin

(Testing done in wind tunnel by Airborne Systems) John Bazin,’10, is a Mechanical Engineer for Airborne Systems in Santa Ana, California. The project of the company at this moment is designing a parachute for the Mars 2020 Exploration mission. He talked about his life and career with Rockhurst students this past week. While at Rockhurst,Continue reading “Alumni Spotlight: John Bazin”

Rockhurst Sneaker heads

Sneaker Heads Over the last few years the prominence of Street wear culture has taken root at Rockhurst. Street wear designs have found their way into major corporations like Adidas, New Balance, and Puma. These ever changing brands are consistently producing new designs and concepts. The sneaker world is ever changing and requires constant replenishmentContinue reading “Rockhurst Sneaker heads”

Rockhurst adds new clubs to extensive list of extracurriculars

Rockhurst High School has just closed out its first quarter of the year, and some brand new clubs have been founded. Clubs have always been an important part of student life at Rockhurst. Students can join clubs like ultimate frisbee club or video game club to relax or have fun during Activity Periods, and canContinue reading “Rockhurst adds new clubs to extensive list of extracurriculars”