To Beard or Not To Beard?

Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Galileo, Nick Offerman, and Paul Winkeler are all men who have one thing in common: beards. Some of the greatest minds in the history of our planet have sported facial hair. Rockhurst High School, a place considered to be at the cutting edge of all things educational, still doesn’t allow facialContinue reading “To Beard or Not To Beard?”

Should Rockhurst Keep Homecoming?

Rockhurst High School hosted its annual homecoming dance for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors for the 2017 school year on Saturday, October 7th. Rockhurst students, along with their dates, fill the gym, where the dance takes place. However, most just walk around for around half an hour, talk to friends and their friends’ dates, and areContinue reading “Should Rockhurst Keep Homecoming?”

United States Men’s National Team fails to qualify for 2018 World Cup

The Word Cup Qualifying campaign for the United States Men’s National Team has come to a devastating end with a 2-1 loss to Trinidad and Tobago. This loss pushed the Americans into fifth place in the CONCACAF (The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) Hexagonal standings and ensured that they would missContinue reading “United States Men’s National Team fails to qualify for 2018 World Cup”

The Man about Town: “Cuz”

A young man around your age is academically skilled, middle class, and part of a loving family.  He also has plans to become a firefighter.  But after a few weeks of peer-influence, poor decisions, he finds himself given an adult trial and is thrown in jail for over a decade with grown men.  How couldContinue reading “The Man about Town: “Cuz””

Halloween Haunt review

Ghouls, vampires, and creepy clowns are discussing their best scares in a fog-filled plaza. No, this isn’t your worst nightmare, but a scene of screamsters (volunteers and actors hired by Worlds of Fun for Halloween Haunt) at Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun. From mid-September to October 30th, the park constructs 14 different haunted houses, decoratesContinue reading “Halloween Haunt review”