The Diviners hits the Rose Theatre this Thursday

The Diviners revolves around a small town in Indiana during the Great Depression. Suffering from a severe drought and a lack of a religious leader. This leader figure appears with the arrival of C.C. Showers, a former preacher from Kentucky who befriends and attempts to help a boy, Buddy Layman, who has refused to come into contact with water since his mother’s drowning early in his life. As the town realizes that a new preacher has arrived and may help Buddy, the stories of the characters intertwine to form an intense story.

Students at Rockhurst have been working on this play for several months now in preparation. They started rehearsal on September 25th and have been working on the production most afternoons since then. Everyone in the cast and crew has worked to create the show with the amazing directing of Mrs. Christopher and Mrs. Lehane.  

One of the leads of the play, Leyton Rebori sat down to talk about his role.

“ My character is Buddy Layman, a 14-year old with an intense fear of water and brain damage from the drowning of his mother at a young age when she saved him from drowning. I love to explore the depths of Buddy to extract his thoughts and emotions. I have a fascination with trying to decipher the mindset and actions of characters, especially those whom we don’t often come into contact with in our everyday lives. Perhaps, that’s why I love acting.”

The Diviners will premiere in the Rose Theater on Thursday, November 2nd, Friday, November 3rd, and Saturday, November 4th at 7:30 PM and on Saturday, November 4th at 2:00 PM.

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