Soccer Hawklets open playoffs with dominant wins

Monday, October 23, the Rockhurst soccer varsity team won against Ruskin with a score of 10-0, ending the match early because of the mercy rule. The Hawklets’ astonishing performance and quick decision making aided them in obtaining possession of the ball and creating openings throughout the game.

“I thought Rockhurst would be able to defeat them, but the main goal was to play well and not get hurt,” Head Coach Chris Lawson said. “The team played to my expectations, and the seniors played well and brought the right attitude that was accompanied by good school spirit,” he added.

Ruskin’s soccer team portrayed a lack of defense as the Rockhurst offense would break through easily, and Ruskin’s offense would barely make it through the half-field line.

On October 27, the Rockhurst team defeated Truman 6-0 and advanced to sectionals. The next game will be at Rockhurst on Halloween. The Hawklets will be training hard to reach the soccer state finals this year.

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