Fall Music Update

King Krule- The OOZ

The third album from the London-based singer-songwriter is his moodiest and darkest yet, switching up his relaxed guitar playing from his 2013 work, “6 Feet Beneath the Moon,” for punk rock, tender jazz, and RnB-like poetry. If it sounds a little broad and unfocused, it is. This 19-track album tends to feature something akin to “musical sketches” rather than focused songs. King Krule keeps a breakup the central theme of the album as he blurs genres together with his crooning voice and raw emotion. Songs like “Dum Surfer” and “Half Man Half Shark” are similar to the raw, powerful tracks on his last album, while tracks like “Logos” and “Czech One” are ambient and sound improvised, almost as if he is “wandering” through his music. This album will have a pretty mixed review from long-time fans, with complaints being that it is too aimless or deviates from his original style. However, fans will still find something to love. If you are new to King Krule, I would suggest starting with his last album, “6 Feet Beneath the Moon,” before tackling “The OOZ.”

Beck- Colors

Throughout much of Beck’s 25-year music career, he has been coming out of left field with funky hits such as “Odelay” and “Mellow Gold.” He shakes up the usual genres of folk and rock by adding his own twist, while still remaining accessible. It is a disappointment, though, that his most recent album, “Colors,” is so devoid of any color. The songs remain innocuous, and it feels like Beck is following pop trends in his latest album rather than starting them. There’s nothing wrong with music becoming bright, perky, and poppy, but there’s no emotion that elevates these songs. Tracks like “Dreams” and “Wow” are high energy and fun, but there’s nothing special about them or the album as a whole.

Arcade Fire- Oct 27- Silverstein Eye Center

Tyler the Creator- Nov 09- The Truman

Ugly God – Nov 10 – Granada

Flying Lotus- Nov 16- The Truman

Kodak Black- Dec 4- The Midland

Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti- Dec 07- Silverstein Eye Center

21 Savage- Dec 09- Uptown Theater

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