Rockhurst hosts 3rd Annual Don Ramsey Invitational

The Third Annual Don Ramsey Speech and Debate Invitational was held at Rockhurst High School between Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21. The Invitational served schools from all over the Kansas City metro, including Pembroke Hill, Blue Springs North, and Lee Summit. Overall, the debate ran smoothly, with most schools able to leave around 8:30 pm on Saturday.

One difference between this Invitational and the former was the use of the newly built Learning commons as the Tab Room, which is the center of hustle and bustle when running a debate tournament. The Tab Room counts and keeps tracks of ballots and scores of each individual debater. Formerly the Tab Room had been the VanDyke board room which was more secluded and had no problem with students potentially disturbing activity in there. However, despite the Learning Commons being an open place, they were able to keep other debaters from disrupting work.

Leyton Rebori, third-year debater, and junior stated about the tournament that, “I felt like this year was much more organized than previous years. Also, much more efficient due to the systems we used. This might have also been due to fewer schools coming, so it was easier to organize and to moderate.”

Drake Redman, a senior varsity debater, said that the tournament was more smooth because of “experience from varsity due to years past and a greater willingness from debaters to work that created a cohesive mesh which allowed for a more efficient experience”

Overall, the tournament was a great success that allowed Rockhurst to highlight both the innovations that happened in the school and its enthusiasm to debate. The entire team was committed and worked well, allowing for a great experience for both the schools coming and for the debaters who worked on the tournament.

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