Take a look at the Rockhurst hockey team and their upcoming season

Rockhurst High School is the only school in the Kansas City area that has a hockey team in the Mid America High School Hockey League. The team has won many championships. Up until this year, there has been a Varsity and Junior Varsity team. This year, however, the team will only have one team that will play at the Varsity level due to fewer players this year.

The league is built up of 10 teams from all around the Midwest. Back in the 80’s, most schools had a hockey team. Now, Rockhurst is the only school in Kansas City with a hockey team. All other teams are based on the ice rink location and anyone that lives around the rink can play there. This fact limits Rockhurst to only players at the school where other teams in the league have a player from multiple different schools.

The hockey team had eleven seniors graduate last year, leaving the team short of players this year. Other teams in the league have up to 40 players across all four grades, while Rockhurst only has eighteen players. Only students that attend Rockhurst can play on the hockey team whereas the other teams in the league are not forced to play on a specific team. This gives other teams in the city the advantage of more schools to select from.

“ I feel that we still have a lot of talent that we had on last years varsity team. We also picked up a few additions to our team that has more skill than some of the Seniors last year.” Junior forward Max Terril said.

Sophomore Nate Wood at Oak Grove High School plays for the Jr. Mavericks which is a club that plays against Rockhurst in the season. “I think Rockhurst is really set at a disadvantage that is going to help us defeat them this year. Their lack of players is going to leave them with less skill and talent.” Wood said. Other teams in the league are still going to have their full rosters.

Sal Monteleone is a Junior defenseman on the hockey team and has been playing Varsity since his Freshman.“I feel other teams are going to undermine what we actually have which gives us a great chance to be the underdogs this season and really show them that we can still beat them even with fewerScreen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.32.44 PM players.” Monteleone said.

The Varsity team was eliminated last year in the semi-final game in a controversial call against the Wichita Warriors. The team intends to use the loss from last year and the doubt coming this year as motivation for this upcoming season.

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