Ode to DJ Mic

Upon arriving to the Homecoming dance, you might have noticed two things. The first being that Señor Stahir was looking great as always and the second was that no one was actually on the dance floor. So you probably did your usual rounds outside in the Barry Commons, talking to your favorite teachers and friends. When you finally garnered up enough courage to enter the gym, you were struck by the lavish lighting, the dazzling disco ball, and your new best friend, DJ MIC.

DJ MIC is a local Kansas City DJ with just enough flair and 80’s music to make your event a success. His color-changing glasses might have been the first thing you noticed, and they probably made you think, “this guy is really young and hip.”

“When I came into the gym, I could tell something was off,” senior Jake Jester said. “There was practically no one in the gym, and there was no big mosh pit like there usually is.”

This is exactly DJ MIC’s style. Instead of playing popular songs that are danceable, he opts for songs that you might have heard once on the radio in 2014. This really brings a nostalgic feeling to the Homecoming festivities.

“ When DJ MIC played ‘Like a G6’ by Far East Movement the gym really cleared out,” sophomore Ray Hamilton said. “But that was honestly the only fun song he played.”

Only a few were unhappy with DJ MIC’s stellar setlist, and a couple of those people approached the disc jockey in an attempt to request a song. Our own SGA president asked to see his setlist, but DJ MIC, remaining cool and collected, said, “I’ll let you do your job and you let me do mine.” A clever comeback by the esteemed DJ.

A few students tried to Facebook message DJ MIC in an attempt to request a song. Instead of playing them, he loaded his responses with crude language and roasts. When senior Matthew Doty requested the track “Slippery,” DJ MIC responded by saying, “Whole room jumping, says you suck.”

When asked for an interview via Facebook Messenger, DJ MIC responded saying “Sure… sounds good.” My colleague and I sent him questions to respond to, but he simply left us with a notification saying, “Seen Tuesday 11:27 a.m.” We assume this must be due to his elusive nature and/or the busy schedule of being a Kansas City DJ.

With such clever roasts and an amazing setlist, the Rockhurst community can only pray that DJ MIC will make a triumphant return to his rightful stage. To see an amazing video DJ MIC has created, click this link.

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