Class Groupchats

It’s the afternoon, and you’re doing your homework. You leave the room to take a break and get a drink of water. As you return, you pick up your phone with hundreds of notifications on it. What happened? You probably got added to a class group chat.

“I opened my phone, and the GroupMe app was blowing up. I scrolled up to the beginning of the group chat and saw that people had added every member of the class,” senior Henry Atwater said.

During junior year, SGA members of the class of 2018 made a class group chat on the app Groupme. The idea was to keep students informed of games, class masses, and important dates. However, the chat devolved into something less than ideal. “The chat was absolute chaos. People from other schools were being added, pictures were being sent, and no one could say anything of any actual substance. It probably lasted an hour or two at the most before the group was deleted.” There were so many messages being sent that the actual important information about the Harvester’s Food Drive was being pushed away.

Despite this chaos, there still may be a use for a class group chat. Schools like Sion and STA have one, and they are used only for school-related reasons. These group conversations also lack a class moderator, but still do not turn in a chaotic mess.

“I think class group chats can be a great idea if implemented well. Not only can it be used for things like reminders for class mass and organizing for mission week, they can also link people up who have the same classes. For example, finding out who has the same math class and making a subgroup chat for that class. There are certainly advantages to a group chat that you can’t get in a class email,” Henry Atwater said.

Ultimately, class group chats can be beneficial to students and hopefully, classes can learn from previous mistakes to create ways for members of the class to connect.

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