New Displays

Over the summer of 2017, Rockhurst underwent a large makeover with many visible changes inside the school. One of these new additions includes the new display cases that are located outside of the Academic Learning Commons.

The display cases are for available for all people in our school to use and advertise what is happening around the Rockhurst community. A use for this area in the weeks to come will be to display work from the Hurtado scholars group that will be in its fourth year. Another example, are the upcoming shows by the Rockhurst theatre department. Talley’s Folly, a play, directed by Mr. Bill Murphy has costumes featured in the display cases from the 1930’s and was a generous donation from a Rockhurst family. The costumes are said to be used in the next upcoming play “The Diviners” by Jim Leonard, Jr which takes place in Indiana during the era of the 1930’s as well. We asked Theatre Manager, Ann Lehane about her thoughts on the display cases, “I think it’s fantastic. I love to show their work because they work really hard, it would be a great venue to show visual art,” she said.  

The next time you walk past the learning commons take a peek at the display cases. It will be a good way to get a grip on the events in Rockhurst and examine the artwork and pottery of the Rockhurst students.


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