NBA 2K18 Review

The legendary basketball simulation franchise “NBA 2K” recently released a brand new edition of the game to gamers across the world. “NBA 2K18”, released merely two weeks ago, already proves to be one of the better 2K games to come out. Players of this year’s NBA 2K game have been given the gift of a variety of new game modes. The fan-favorite “MyCareer” mode took a giant leap this year. Players are put into a world where their created players can interact with other players online in “The Neighborhood.” This mode is especially enjoyable because of the freedom it gives the player. If you think your player needs a haircut, a virtual barber shop allows players to get that “fresh cut.” The new 2K game closely resembles the Grand Theft Auto video game because of its open world feeling. NBA 2K18 also brings back the revered “MyTeam” mode which allows players to open packs and unlock legend players and items to help players build their ultimate fantasy squads. This year MyTeam introduced multiple new game modes like “Pack and Playoffs” and “Super Max.” MyTeam also begins with 100’s of different solo challenges that you can play to earn players, coins, and other great rewards. Along with the addition of brand new game modes, 2K also added many great historic teams to the game including the 2011 Chicago Bulls team that had the NBA MVP Derrick Rose in his prime form and the 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder team that had Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and a young James Harden coming off of the bench. Being a Thunder fan myself, I definitely appreciated 2K adding this team to the game. NBA 2K18 offers an overwhelming variety of modes to choose from. It truly is a one of a kind sports game. I give this year’s 2K a 9/10 and definitely recommend it to all the basketball fans out there.

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