Hurricane Season

Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria. These names strike fear into the hearts of the coastal cities and islands. These four hurricanes have each reached at least category three, making them some of the most dangerous hurricanes to ever hit the coasts and islands back to back to back to back. Hurricane specialists predict thousands of people could die because of upcoming Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Irma wiped out all power in Puerto Rico and officials say that the island could be without power for months. 

    Efforts to help people affected by the hurricanes have been extensive. So much that even celebrities are creating fundraisers to help victims of the hurricanes. Houston Texans Defensive End J.J. Watt raised over $36 million dollars in efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Red Cross has also travelled to Houston to help those affected by Harvey and will most likely going to help the east coast to help those who are going to be affected by Hurricane Maria.

 This year has been a very big year for hurricanes and tropical storms. The four hurricanes have cost billions of dollars for Houston, The East Coast, and Puerto Rico. Homes and schools have been destroyed, people were stranded and almost starved to death, and families have been separated from each other. The hurricanes have brought people together in efforts to save those trapped in their homes and those who are stranded. One video shows Strake Jesuit boys on a boat saving stranded neighbors. Another video even showed a man attempting to save people in a very large vehicle but he is sadly stopped by a cop. Even civilians like that man have gone in and saved people from flooded homes or flooded buildings that people are stranded in.

Experts have confirmed that the damage will cost billions of dollars in Houston alone; both the baseball and football stadiums are flooded beyond recognition. YouTube channels, like Houston natives Dude Perfect, have also started fundraisers to help save and repair Houston. The amount of people helping save those in trouble is surprising for sure, and reassuring to those who have been affected by the natural disasters. 

Now, as the Southern East coast and the Caribbean are preparing for Hurricane Maria, which hit the Dominican Republic as a category 5 and Puerto Rico as a category 4 hurricane, tensions are rising. Worried, the nation watches impatiently to see what damage the hurricanes will do to the rest of the land. Ready to help, Americans and Caribbean Islanders are preparing to leap into action to help those people in need. 

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