The Diviners hits the Rose Theatre this Thursday

The Diviners revolves around a small town in Indiana during the Great Depression. Suffering from a severe drought and a lack of a religious leader. This leader figure appears with the arrival of C.C. Showers, a former preacher from Kentucky who befriends and attempts to help a boy, Buddy Layman, who has refused to comeContinue reading “The Diviners hits the Rose Theatre this Thursday”

Soccer Hawklets open playoffs with dominant wins

Monday, October 23, the Rockhurst soccer varsity team won against Ruskin with a score of 10-0, ending the match early because of the mercy rule. The Hawklets’ astonishing performance and quick decision making aided them in obtaining possession of the ball and creating openings throughout the game. “I thought Rockhurst would be able to defeatContinue reading “Soccer Hawklets open playoffs with dominant wins”

Rockhurst hosts 3rd Annual Don Ramsey Invitational

The Third Annual Don Ramsey Speech and Debate Invitational was held at Rockhurst High School between Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21. The Invitational served schools from all over the Kansas City metro, including Pembroke Hill, Blue Springs North, and Lee Summit. Overall, the debate ran smoothly, with most schools able to leave aroundContinue reading “Rockhurst hosts 3rd Annual Don Ramsey Invitational”

Football playoffs start with a win against LSN

This past Friday, October 20, the Rockhurst Hawklets took on the Lee’s Summit North Broncos in the first round of the Missouri State District Championships. The Hawklets ended up 7-0 victors in what turned out to be a defensively focused game. The Rockhurst defense provided their first shutout win of the season in what wasContinue reading “Football playoffs start with a win against LSN”

Wikipedia: Is it trustworthy?

Wikipedia is in itself a wiki. This means that anyone can edit the source, filling the articles with their own knowledge. However, the fact that anyone can edit the article calls into question the legitimacy of Wikipedia, because all editors can not only change articles, but they are also anonymous. Thus, any changes that areContinue reading “Wikipedia: Is it trustworthy?”

Take a look at the Rockhurst hockey team and their upcoming season

Rockhurst High School is the only school in the Kansas City area that has a hockey team in the Mid America High School Hockey League. The team has won many championships. Up until this year, there has been a Varsity and Junior Varsity team. This year, however, the team will only have one team thatContinue reading “Take a look at the Rockhurst hockey team and their upcoming season”