Laptop or iPad

Rockhurst High School switched to the use of iPads in the school year of 2013. Administration made this switch to eliminate heavy backpacks, to create less time at a locker at switching period, and to have more convenience in the classroom. The school saw that the iPad would provide a more successful environment and incline the students more than just words in a book.
Many students have loved that the school has switched to a learning experience built around technology. The portable technology allows students to communicate with teachers, access all of their homework online, and see their grades.

“I love the fact that we have the ability to have all of our textbooks, schedules, and notebooks all on one little tablet.” Junior Ian Attwater said.
Although a majority of the students are on board with iPads in the school, some students have gone to using their laptops. Laptops have a couple of advantages over the iPad that laptop students love. “I love using both my iPad and Macbook, but I definitely prefer my MacBook when possible. The laptop offers everything that the iPad has to offer plusmore. I like that the MacBook has more options to upgrade such as ram, storage, and more.”
Dailey’s comments have been proven to be why the laptop wins over the iPad for some students. The laptop has physical features that the iPad does not have. “The bigger keyboard allows for me to type faster. I have the ability to charge my devices and import data from the school’s laptop to my laptop just through one USB port that the iPad does not have.” Dailey said.
The iPad and the Macbook are very similar in a sense, but the iPad is not meant to be a laptop. “Everything the iPad can do, a laptop can do ten times better. The IOS updates for the iPads are just playing catch up with the laptop.” Dailey said.

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