The man behind the beak

Every fall, the spirit club meets to decide who will wear the Hawklet costume at football games. Attending games and reciting chants in the crowd is sufficient for most. For senior Tucker O’Brien, that was not enough. Tucker volunteered to be the Hawklet this year.

“I have had great memories going to football games the last few years, and when I was offered this opportunity I had to take it.” O’Brien said, “It’s a lot of fun to be a yell leader and to rally up the students.”

“The Hawklet is very important for games and pep rallies because he embodies the spirit we want everyone to have,” Senior Class President, Conrad Mojica, said. “For instance, at a pep rally, if we want someone to say ‘we want you to go to the game tonight, because we need your support,’ the Hawklet is the face of all that. Everyone recognizes the Hawklet. Even though I think who wears the Hawklet is not very well known, his presence is important for games.”

The job to dress up as the Hawklet is by no means an easy task. After years of wear and tear, as well as the thick material the costume is made of, dressing up as the Hawklet is taxing.

“To be completely honest, being the Hawklet is a pretty tough job,” Mojica continued. “Especially at the start of the football season, because you get over a hundred-degree weather out there. Tucker took the initiative and volunteered to be the Hawklet before the first home game.”

“It does get really hot. I usually don’t wear the costume any longer than half of a game,” O’Brien said.

The Hawklet doesn’t mean anything unless there is a group of people surrounding it. School spirit begins with the students. “The students’ enthusiasm really rubs off on you during a game, O’Brien continued, “I hope that they can keep this enthusiasm for the rest of the season.”

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