Meet Mr. Dugan

Every year Rockhurst welcomes new ASC teachers to our community. ASC teachers are up and coming, young, and excited people that are hungry to teach. I caught up with one of our Rockhurst ASC teachers recently, Brian Dugan, to see how the Rockhurst experience has been so far.

How have your first few weeks at Rockhurst been?

BD – “It’s been fun, and refreshing in a lot of ways to be at a Jesuit High School. Rockhurst has been unique from where I went to school. The familiarity in the students, and the brotherhood feeling in students about them reaching for a common goal of becoming something greater is something I have fallen in love with.”

What has stood out the most during your time here at Rockhurst?

BD – “I’ve really gotten along with all the people, faculty and students alike. I’ve had a wide range of interaction with the students and getting to see that developmental process is fun. The faculty has been very welcoming. Having that support system and encouragement when things might feel a little bit crazy is something I love about Rockhurst.”

What are your goals for your time after Rockhurst?

BD – “Trying to figure that out right now (chuckles). There are a few things I want to do to some degree in my life. Teach, which I’m doing currently, and I’d like to practice Law at some point, and I would like to write through all of that as well.”

What kind of music do you like?

BD – “My Spotify playlists have a lot of Indie Folk and Indie Rock. The Lumineers have a very raw sound. I remember going to a concert when I was a freshman in concert before they really got popular. Streetlight Manifesto is my favorite band however. They take me back to my time as a high schooler.”

Where did you grow up?

BD – “St. Louis, Missouri”

Have you had to give any JUGS yet?

BD – “No but I’ve threatened, mainly the soccer team”

What do you look forward to most at Rockhurst?

BD – “I look forward to having that commitment to be there for students. Some people may see it as a burden to have that responsibility but I came into this year knowing that that would be an expectation and to fulfill that expectation and to build relationships through that expectation is what I hope I remember most about this place.”

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