It Review

With well-developed characters, a familiar storyline, and a timelessly freaky clown, IT lives up to the hype as the biggest horror film of the year.

IT is both a psychological thriller and slasher mixup that excites from start to finish. The child actors are a major positive from this movie, and they do very well at acting with genuine fear that helps to contribute to the depth of the intense plot. Fourteen-year-old Finn Wolfhard does a fantastic job of comic relief, and his middle-school one-liners make the movie worth the ticket price by themselves. Bill Skarsgård does a wonderfully creepy job with Pennywise the clown, and his devilish smile still haunts the viewer even hours after the flick.

An interesting mix of set acting and CGI make this movie have a much more modern feel than the film of the same name from 1990, and makes it as a whole much scarier.

IT is mostly a winner, but there are a few shortcomings that should be addressed. For one, there is very little contextualization for why “IT”, or the demon that it represents, is personified as a clown. A flashback could be utilized to bring clarity for why a disturbed clown is a demon instead of a more traditional demon being. Furthermore, there are many dead ends in the storyline that leave the viewer wondering why that particular scene was necessary. There are a few spots in the movie (that shall remain unnamed for spoilers’ sake) that seem to be major turning points, but end up having no effect on the plot whatsoever. Still, this movie has become an instant classic, and a feel-good ending helps to lock in its place at the highest level of the genre.

In the Box Office, this movie has proven to be a giant. According to Forbes, in its first ten days, IT has already grossed $218 million in North America alone. It is on pace to surpass The Exorcist as the highest-grossing, domestic R-rated film in history. This success has prompted the swift funding of a second film, which will represent the second half of Stephen King’s novel. This film is expected to come out in early 2019. This film may address some of the aforementioned holes in the first films plot, and encourages even the casual movie-goer to see the sequel.

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