Which Music Streaming Apps do Students Prefer

        Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud are the three music app giants that have dominated the app store. All offer basic features for a free or demo version, but all three apps have a premium version that allows you to have advanced features usually without ads. These apps allow the user to have the freedom to listen to music anytime and in any place.

        Students seem to prefer Spotify as their go-to app when they want to listen to music. Spotify’s free version allows listeners access to free music that they can add to a playlist. The user is not allowed to choose what order the music is played in on their playlist, as this is a premium feature. Most students have said they purchased the Spotify Premium Subscription so they may listen to their music without ads and have the ability to skip songs.

         The advantage that most Spotify users see over SoundCloud is that the popular songs on SoundCloud are not available if you have the free version. SoundCloud seemed to be more popular when the app offered one hundred percent free music. They changed their policy two years ago for a financial gain that took away free popular songs and made the user upgrade for unlimited music and no ads. Piracy and bootlegging was a huge problem on SoundCloud,too, as accounts would just upload illegally downloaded content, which also pushed to for the switch to a premium version offer.

        Apple Music is on a different spectrum for a music playing experience. The free version Apple Music is not really what most people would say is free. Users must purchase their songs from the iTunes Store which then downloads to the phone’s memory. The advantage that students see in this is that they do not have to be connected to the internet in order to listen to their music, because the songs are downloaded to the phone. This download feature is a premium on both Spotify and SoundCloud. Apple Music subscription allows you to listen to any song for free and is downloaded to your phone. Apple is running a free three month subscription at this moment for Apple Music. All three apps run the same price of ten dollars a month for the premium subscription, but students might be able to get a five dollar subscription with their student email account.

        Junior Grey Lawson, prefers Apple Music.”Apple music is nice because the free version is better than the other apps’ free versions. I like that they run a family price for a family of five.” Lawson said. That is one of the major plus sides of Apple products: all devices can communicate with each other and share information with each other. Apple Music takes this advantage and allows a family to have unlimited music that the other apps do not provide.

         So which app fits in the best for a student? Junior Max Terril uses both Spotify and SoundCloud for music.”I prefer to use SoundCloud because there are more underground artist to listen to. I also use Spotify Premium when listening to music, but I prefer SoundCloud the most.” Terril said.

          SoundCloud is most know for the underground artist scene like Terril said. SoundCloud gives accounts the option to upload their own music or songs. This gives lesser known artists the chance to put their music out there on an app that a lot of people use. Students at Rockhurst have dabbled with music production and they upload their newest content to SoundCloud. Students such as Gabrielle Vianello, Henry Freeman, and Michael Lee have uploaded various songs to Soundcloud. Spotify and Apple music use their apps more for songs that are made by popular artist and do not provide the option of uploadable content.

           In a poll taken of fifteen Rockhurst students, eight prefered Spotify, five prefered Apple Music, and two prefered SoundCloud.Spotify came out with most votes because it has a simple to use interface and is stocked with different varieties of music that can easily be downloaded and played. All three apps have their advantages and disadvantages. Which app is preferred is really based on the user.

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