Alumni Spotlight 

We caught up with Mr. Joshua Brewster from the Rockhurst class of 1999. He is the Vice President of Trozzolo Communications Group. When speaking about the impact that Rockhurst has had on his career he responded without hesitation that it absolutely does. “There’s not a day that goes by where I’m not thankful,” Mr. Brewster said. He went on to explain the foundation it laid down for his career, “I’ve met so many business connections through Rockhurst, and it’s a tremendous opportunity to say that you have gone to Rockhurst.”He was involved with football, newspaper, and spirit club throughout his 4 years at Rockhurst. “ I was all in from the day I got there, my father went there, I had 6 uncles go there, and an older brother as well,” he said. Mr. Brewster made lifelong friends playing football and his experience with newspaper led him down his career path.

He told us that he really enjoyed Lifetime Sports with Coach Sev, “My buddies and I still brag about our bowling scores in Lifetime to this day,” he said as he chuckled thinking back fondly, “it truly was a lifetime class.” Mr. Brewster said one of his defining moments was a state semi- final basketball game his freshman year. The game took place at Municipal Stadium, “I feel like that game set the tone for my Rockhurst experience,” he said. Mr. Brewster obviously has a great respect and appreciation for Rockhurst to this day. He did not waste time in high school, and fully capitalized on the Rockhurst experience. Mr. Brewster’s story is an excellent example, that if you truly invest and apply yourself at Rockhurst, you will leave with a very valuable experience. 

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