New Freshman Football Coaches

This year the freshman football teams welcomed three new coaches: Mr. Jim Monteil, Mr. Jamie Placht, and Mr. Jake Bradshaw. The coaches are not only new to Rockhurst Football, they are also new to Rockhurst.

Mr. Monteil is in his 40th season of football. He played for ten years and is starting his 30th year as a coach. For Mr. Monteil coaching is enjoyable because of the relationships he forms, the competition, and helping young men learn the game. This season Mr. Monteil expects for the team to work hard, learn the fundamentals, grow as a team, and have fun. The most challenging aspect of coaching for Mr. Monteil is to take a large group of young men who have not played together before and in a short period of time evaluate them and prepare them to play as a team. He says the ideal team environment is one that is both fun and competitive.

Mr. Monteil’s coaching philosophy is to “teach the game and try to help the team reach its potential by evaluating the talent and doing what they do best. Help them to learn that football is a team game that can only truly be enjoyed by putting the team first. The safety and well being of the players is always the coaches’ primary concern.” Mr. Monteil coaches the Freshman A team.

Mr. Placht played varsity football for three years at De Smet Jesuit High School. before playing in college for The University of Indianapolis. In this season, starting July 31st he has enjoyed coaching the freshmen. His expectations for the season are for the boys to grow as athletes, work on the fundamentals, and hopefully go undefeated. Mr. Placht’s main challenges have been getting players to focus, especially on details, and figuring out a method of discipline. He hopes to promote an atmosphere that is positive, high energy, and one of camaraderie. His coaching philosophy is to help the players develop holistically and use experiences skills they learned on the field to help them off the field.

Mr. Bradshaw played football in both high school and college and is on his seventh year of coaching. So far this season he has enjoyed coaching the freshman A team. His expectations for the season are for the players to improve and work harder. The main challenges this season have been getting players to put more of an emphasis on the fundamentals and not worry about the winning or losing. He hopes to create a positive, focused and fun atmosphere. His philosophy on coaching is to pay attention to details and the little things that often get overlooked.

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