Freshman Thomas Sokja reflects on first pep rally and football game

For the newest members of our community who have not had the joy of experiencing a Blue and White mixer, Braveheart and the first pep rally are a couple of traditions that still stand as prominent ways to show school spirit. We interviewed freshman Thomas Sokja and asked him about his experience at his first home game.

What was your first pep rally like? Did the video excite you?

The pep rally was hilarious. I couldn’t have imagined such school spirit combined with trash can jousting! The video that we watched was very well done and very inspirational. It signified who we are as a Rockhurst community.

Were you dressed correctly for the theme and how much body paint did you use?

I was dressed correctly in the accustomed skirt and nearly a full tube of body paint.

Did the walk down to the stadium get you hyped up for the game?

The walk down to the stadium made everything feel very real and alive, like an army of blue men.

Which chant got you most excited?

“Deshi Deshi Basara” chant was by far my favorite as it was truly the simplest, yet largely known to all.

Describe your emotions during the blocked field goal returned for our first touchdown.

The pure rush of adrenaline when the crowd went wild was truly indescribable.

How was singing the alma mater with the student body?

Singing the alma mater with the entire student body made me feel like a fully absorbed part of the community.


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