Rockhurst places bigger emphasis on “Time and Space”

With every new school year comes new policies meant to help us a cultivate a better learning environment. This year administration has placed a large emphasis on “time and space.”

“We want guys to be able to use their entertainment and to relax during their free time. But, we don’t want it to detract from your learning,”Dean of students Matt Darby, said. The idea behind the time and space policy is for students to have the ability to use technology for games and entertainment outside of class. Students are now supposed to use their phones and technology only in the Barry Commons, McGee, and Dining Commons.

This is opposed to years before where students were often seen using their phones and playing games in the corners of hallways and in the Centennial Commons. The purpose of putting this policy into effect is to not have it interfere with class time. There has been some pushback, from upperclassmen that have never had it another way.

“I feel that I need my phone throughout the day because it’s a part of my life,” junior Stephen Fehr, said. This is an attitude shared by many upperclassmen. This is causing many students to get their phones taken away because they are not used to the change of not using their phones as they please. Although, the dean’s office is letting most students that haven’t gotten their phone taken away before off with a warning.

“The freshmen understand it really well because they never got to use apps or music on their phone,”Dean Darby, said. Walking around the school the hallways seem noticeably quieter.

Now, that we have designated spaces to study, learn and relax, some already feel it’s easier to learn without distractions. Although it may be a hard change for some, it’s meant to benefit every student and keep the hallways quiet when they are trying to learn.

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